Mountain Trails Gallery

Tal Walton

Tal Walton was born in 1965 and attended Brigham Young University, receiving a bachelor's degree in painting and sculpture. Walton was influenced by his professor, who taught him that a good painting is laid out according to logical symmetry. His work encompasses the use of three part divisions, a component that relates to his Mormon beliefs. The three divisions found in Walton's painting symbolize "our past, present, and future lives." The center section of each painting represents the current reality of our lives and is symbolized by relatively strong, clear colors. By contrast, the colors in adjoining sections are darker and more muted. The horizon line and the position of the elements give the painting an ethereal quality. Walton's paintings are in oil on marble gessoed board, highlighted with gold leaf. He then uses sand paper or scratches to the surface, giving it a sculpted look. He applies as many as 20 glazes to each piece. Every painting is bordered in black with a gold gilded hand carved frame which Walton feels is an important part of the finished work. His technique has contributed greatly to Walton's unique style and great success.


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